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Malerei fotografie 
skulptur graffiti 
Digitale Kunst zeichnung 
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Kalligraphie keramik 
collage Stift und Tinte 
Gravur Ätzung 
Lithograpie holzarbeit 

Es wurden 8 Ergebnisse für »feelings« gefunden.

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Manja Mund

Roxana Ené

1. Essay von Andrea Fraser
Well, it looks like there are some people who believe their own thoughts and feelings to be very meaningful. In my opinion this is just the kind of stuff that makes people get the impression of being ...

2. Ankie Freriks
After finishing her school of arts (training in drawing) she was able to spend her time fully on painting. By drawing from a model and painting realistic nudes in oil-paint, long-drawn figures origina ...

3. Amateure oder Profis
Hmm ja ne lebende Frauen haben doch um einiges mehr wert. ^^ Oh ja das will ich unbedingt sehen! Hast du gut beschrieben ich hab richtig n Bild im Kopf. Wäre interessant zu sehen ob sich das was du ma ...

4. Jo Joosten
Jo Joosten was born in 1956 in Maasbracht (Limburg). Because he discovered early on that he is creative, he has been drawing since his childhood and on top of that did so with pleasure. After high sch ...

5. Miguel Cerejido
Cuban-born artists collection of original works inspired by music and the images music generates in his personal sensibility. Artist’s Statement "The nexus between music and painting and wa ...

6. Roxana Ené
Freelance illustrator based in Frankfurt, Germany & Bucharest, Romania, children´s artwork metamorphosis, graphic, word art, painting & english poetry ("The Three Perfections" on a c ...

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