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  Mike Kriegel    »    Galerie     Biografie     Kontakt
»  September 22, 1995 - Juli 20, 2010

Born in Berlin 1965, Mike first studied Marketing and Communications and then Media Design with a focus on Television Journalism. After a few detours as gallery owner, pub owner, lecturer and manager of a screen printing shop, Mike began working as a photo journalist in 1992 for various newspapers, magazines and agencies, with an emphasis on the East Berlin Scene. He portrayed stars like Dennis Hopper, Stephen Spielberg and Stephen Hawking, to name a few. From 1990 - 1993 he headed the ‘Galerie Kiezkultur‘ in Berlin Friedrichshain, organizing exhibitions of international artists, readings of the young artist group 'Herzattacke' (heartattack) and alongside set up a creative workshop for image and photo artists. He then took a sabbatical two years off, focusing instead on painting.
He returned to the scene in 1997, when he produced various documentaries, music videos and commercial clips for German and Scandinavian Television. During 2001 - 2003 he followed the Phudys tour through Germany, portraying them from a backstage point of view. Since 2004 he is again working from Berlin, writing screenplays and essays, painting, filming and researching all at the same time.

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