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Über ihre Kunstwerke: Julia Schiller was born in 1980 and is a photographer and freelance art director based in Berlin, Germany. In her work she explores notions of silence and chaos, coincidence, freedom, choice and echoes thereof – questioning fragile human idiosyncrasies and variables such as alienation and intimacy, rationality and instinct. Her photographic work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and featured in a range of online publications. Her design work has received international awards, including a red dot award for excellent design quality. Together with Oliver Schneider she is the founding editor of “Actual colors may vary” {ACMV} – an online magazine dedicated to showcasing and promoting distinctive work primarily from an international community of emerging photographers and artists.

Web-Seite:   http://www.julia-schiller.com
Julia SchillerJulia SchillerJulia SchillerJulia Schiller
Julia SchillerJulia SchillerJulia SchillerJulia Schiller
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