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Über seine Kunstwerke: Started photography with a toycam at the age of 7. First b/w lab at the age of 12. Photoshop since 2.5 (no layers back then). First photo assistance at the age of 17. Educated communication designer, worked some years as photoshop clerk, first digital shot in `95 (phase one back - hmi lighting only), besides i`m shooting 80% of my jobs digitally, i`m deeply into film and oldshool photography technics like frontpro and lightbrush. With the funeral of polaroid sx-70 and type 55 etc. a big piece of photographical culture died (rest in peace!). We shouldn`t turn photography into a video game. Let`s keep it real.

Web-Seite:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/joe_schloz_photography_munich/
Joe SchlozJoe SchlozJoe SchlozJoe Schloz
Joe SchlozJoe SchlozJoe SchlozJoe Schloz
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