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Über seine Kunstwerke: Women are the protagonists of mysterious tales and the painter feels like their keeper and at the same time he feels like their storyteller. Sunny shores where women lend theemselves to the keen illusion of the lines which dress them, catch their glances and become the limits of infinite spaces like the sky, the sea. Diodati's paintings are populated by new character, ready to create mysterious and suggestive situations around women. Exotic zebras and sensuous felines will be women's plunders, of their istinctive craze for figure, for dare until the extreme luxury. Furs, daring and zebrine clothes complete Diodati's dreamy feminine figures, characters of his poetic world where men are not left out, but they are only spectators, funny and ingenuous presences. With their coloured plumes, the Carabinieri show up; they sneak into this space which they know isn't their own place; they are victims and accomplices of an artist who makes painting an art without an age, free to live through his women. Sometimes with shyness, sometimes with a roguish curiosity, a male figure appears behind women who surround him, who charm him... Arturo, this is his name, appears in guise of a tamer. Outwardly he is a funny and harmless fellow; women are under his watchful eye. The first time we met him he seemed an impeccable man, proud in his uniform, of his uniform. In the last works he appears to be in perfect harmony with his sphere. It seems that the dangerous felines and the fascinating women have finally and completely won over him. The irregular features of his face and the nice dark strip above his lips hold now an important feature: awareness. Always a lesser character, he became now the master of his own space. There is no more a contrast between his uniform and women's clothes, on the contrary, it seems that it is intentionally mixed with women's more precious accessories. Women's hats suddenly appear on Arthur's head, who doesn't get ruffled, but quite the opposite, he seems satisfied to participate, not only to be there. Unlike the other characters who populate the world of women, Arlecchino has already got his own space in Diodati's works. A new space, a different space that charms us. In fact, Arlecchino doesn't need to conquer the scene, he doesn't wish to become its protagonist. He already is the protagonist. While the Carabinieri and Arturo the tamer have fascinated us with their discretness, with their veiled presence, Arlecchino immediately enchants us, he captures our looks whith his coloured patches and, above all, with his mask. The mystery is this character's distinctive element and his involving power for the first time Diodati covers up one of his figure's face, making us accomplices of a mysterious and sometimes erotic game. There is erotism in women who appear close to Arlecchino. There is erotism in their way to appear so sure and intentionally provocative toward a person we don't know who it is, if a man or a woman, a friend or a lover. The simply way in which women live with this coloured figure make us think about it. A deeper, more provoking reflection makes us wonder if there is just the painter behind that mask... Is it Diodati, who wants to appear in his artistic world, even if hidden? His spell is in holding in a mask the segret of a more and more innovative painting, of an art which pierces us, which allows us to pretend, which is what we like most... to be ourselves behind that mask, to be able to live in the infinite and sparkling places of art.

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Lucio DiodatiLucio DiodatiLucio DiodatiLucio Diodati
Lucio DiodatiLucio DiodatiLucio DiodatiLucio Diodati
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