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Über seine Kunstwerke: In 2006, Hendrik graduated with the BA of Fine Arts in photography at the well known dutch art school Artez Hogeschool voor de kunsten / AKI academy for fine arts and design in Enschede, the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He exposes is work regularly in art-shows and galleries.

During his studies Hendrik’s work appeared in a very experimental manner. Like a playful child, he used different photographical technics and combined other artistically media which concluded in private and meaningful results. At one point, he decided to generalize his work in order to make it more accessible for a critical audiences. This gave birth to his poetic, and exploratory style.Innocence and guilt are always influential and meaningful matters for his photos.

Since 2007 he started working also in commercial areas of photography and enjoys it to combine his special style within the subject. Currently he lives and works in Berlin as a creative professional in photography and arts.

Web-Seite:   http://www.henro.de/
Hendrik RosenboomHendrik RosenboomHendrik RosenboomHendrik Rosenboom
Hendrik RosenboomHendrik RosenboomHendrik RosenboomHendrik Rosenboom
Hendrik Rosenboom
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