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Über ihre Kunstwerke: Maria Marachowska, the daughter of a Russian colonel and a philologist for Russian literature, spent her early childhood in Estergom/ Hungary and in 1986 she moved with her family to the historic metropolis Kaliningrad/Königsberg, where she attended the E.T.A. Hoffmann music school for highly gifted children/ instrument: piano. In 1998, she returned to her native city Omsk/ Siberia for a period of 2 years to complete her studies of fine arts. Since 2000 she has been living in Germany. After numerous exhibitions as a painter (in Berlin, Jena, Saalfeld), she has discovered music for herself in Berlin where she has been living since 2004. „Speechless, lonely, as a stranger“, as she says, she has found her way of expression through „Siberian Blues“. The artistic talent dates back for several family generations: among her predecestors are an opera singer and a professional accordeonist, from a young age her musical skills were inspired and supported within a familial setting.
In well-established locations like the legendary „Kaffee Burger“ and the „SO36“ in Berlin she has captured the art audience. In addition, she has made her mark as a host for her „Cartharsis“ event series at „Kaffee Burger“ from 2007 to 2009.

Web-Seite:   http://marachowska.de/
Maria MarachowskaMaria MarachowskaMaria MarachowskaMaria Marachowska
Maria MarachowskaMaria MarachowskaMaria MarachowskaMaria Marachowska
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