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Über seine Kunstwerke: ESCAPING LIKE DUST FROM CONTROL The photographies out of this cycle by Frank Rossi take an estranged look at the the female body. The represented bodies try to escape the eye of the beholder, flee the affliction into an unknown sphere. They perform a metamorphosis, they evendare to betray their own nature to stay unrecognized. The unseen is the aim of their escape.They succeed. The veil thorn by the spectator may be restored on a symbolic level. The motion, now frozen, only grants a poetic view in which the dispair to be rescued from the eye comes to be the essence of the image.The dreaming camera releases itself from its mechanical function. The photographic process is disregulated. Aperture and exposure lose to importance. The photographer recedes into the background. He only creates the frame for this provocation and earns the flowers of coincidence out of the endlessly self-releasing camera.The pictures out of the cycle 'ESCAPING LIKE DUST FROM CONTROL' are large-sized originals. Enlarged on photographic linen and selenium toned.

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Frank RossiFrank RossiFrank RossiFrank Rossi
Frank RossiFrank RossiFrank RossiFrank Rossi
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