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Über ihre Kunstwerke: After finishing her school of arts (training in drawing) she was able to spend her time fully on painting. By drawing from a model and painting realistic nudes in oil-paint, long-drawn figures originated in acrylic, in which shape and colour are guided by her feelings. The Mysticism of life - the search of light and sometimes the dark - she try to reflect by the entrance of a cave where women enter a more often leave the cave. The search of safety, freindship and love are expressed in paintings of women in groups, where there is safety in numbers. And where some figures miss the connection or even avoid it. The technique she use is a combination of painting and applying paint with a pallet knife whiche gives the pictures a fresco-like effect.

Web-Seite:   http://www.ankiefreriks.nl/
Ankie FreriksAnkie FreriksAnkie FreriksAnkie Freriks
Ankie FreriksAnkie FreriksAnkie FreriksAnkie Freriks
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