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'In everyone there is an interior place, a secret space where creativity
throbs like a mysterious heart, creating wonderful parallel realities for our
life. This creativity allows each one to live that magic side of his
existence in the most desired inner freedom and the most enjoyable
gratification. To enable this to come about in a manner that satisfies our needs, we
must listen to the beats of this impalpable heart and go along with the
seduction that we feel coming from it. In this way, what is inside us is soon
shown to the world around us and is realized in the infinite transformations
of our life and in the tangible results of our actions.

This mysterious intimate creative space finds its broadest and highest
dimension in the vocation (in the Latin sense of a “calling” to a destiny)
embraced by the artist when he recognizes himself in it and makes it the
fundamental reason for his existence. This creativity is a secret and luminous
world, quite unique and different from one artist to another, where,
parallel and in relation to the real world, each artist lives by feeding on his
own visions and trying to express them to humanity through the work he
produces. And when we look at that work and feel attracted by it, something
stimulates in us the ability to tune into that secret world of the artist and
this in some way gives us the ability to re-create that same work.

This is the mystery which surrounds the magnificent works by Franziskus

Dr. Raul M. Oyuela, Director
Museum of the Americas
Doral, Florida

Web-Seite:   http://www.franziskus.fineartprint.de/
Franziskus PfleghartFranziskus PfleghartFranziskus PfleghartFranziskus Pfleghart
Franziskus PfleghartFranziskus PfleghartFranziskus PfleghartFranziskus Pfleghart
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